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What Differentiates Tower Made


Tower Made is a brand under Tower Paddle Board Company, San Diego. We are the only one selling the newest products and existing products of Tower Paddle Board company. We are always new. Check us out !!!


To make sure that you will not be having a difficult time finding us or missing our best promotions, we created to come closer to you. We are also on Facebook, Instagram.

We offer a very compelling value proposition on quality products . We're the brand, the importer, the shop, and the marketing arm, all in one. We intentionally forgo the traditional surf/kayak/paddle distribution channel that the other 100+ Beach Life Style brands are tied to because this outdated distribution channel is expensive. Broken, really. On a $1500 board, the channel eats nearly $1000.

We only sell direct. As a result, our value proposition is off the charts. Word gets around. People find us. You did.

The Value Proposition

We offer a premium SUP/Surfboard/Skateboard for almost half the cost you can buy a comparable board for in a retail outlet.

Who's Behind Tower Made

The idea for Tower Paddle Board was hatched in the summer of 2010 in San Diego. The following summer, within a few days of its arrival, the first production run of the innovative Tower Fit boards sold out. Things progressed from there. And that is why Tower Made, Sunglasses by Tower and Tower Life are created to give you the best choice.

What's Tower Made all About

Based in Southern California, the Tower brand exudes an active, social, beach vibe. Stand up paddle boarding is a beach lifestyle, and Tower is a lifestyle company by design. We're here because we thought starting and building a dynamic stand up paddle board brand is about the coolest job we could draw up. It's a fun company in a booming, dynamic industry, and most importantly stand up paddle boarding is something that absolutely improves the quality of life of the people that we help get into the sport After the successful of making paddleboard, we expanded our new product lines( surfboard, skateboard, accessories, snorkel mask, apparel...) And is a place for everything you want.

Management Team Principals


Stephan Aarstol

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban
Investor & Strategic Advisor

Galen Eckenroth

Galen Eckenroth
Director of Operations

Celso Bemvenutti
Brand Filmmaker




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1253 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109



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