Tower 14 Xplorer Inflatable SUP package

Xplorer iSUP Package - 14' (BD-TWR-EXP-PKG)

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Introducing the 14' Tower Xplorer SUP Package Includes a 14' by 32" by 8" inflatable SUP, a 3-PC Aluminum Paddle, a high-pressure SUP pump, and a high-end Tower branded diamond grooved deck pad, a standard longboard fin box with a removable center...
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14' beast

Review by: from on 3/22/2017
I bought the 14' Xplorer for a trip to Mexico. I had a very easy time pumping it up. It is amazingly stiff fully inflated and super stable with my wife and I and two 50# kids.

It's robust and stable enough that we were calling it a boat especially after an open ocean paddle.

It was a really good floating dock for kids wrestling floating in chest deep water because falling on it is friendly enough.

It's a bunch of fun in a package light enough for a checked bag including a few other things like the pump and an extra paddle and some snorkeling stuff.

No problem deflating and rolling back up to come home.

It and its condiments fit nicely in an 18" x 42'' cheap duffle with room for some other stuff.

14' expl;orer

Review by: from on 9/7/2016
Board seems to be good quality. My only concern is the bubble on the bottom of the board below the filler hole. Tower assures that this is normal.

14' Inflatable SUP Boards

Review by: from on 9/9/2013
I could not get over how good and fast this buying experience has been. The product itself is great! Very good quality and lots of fun.

The only negative was the additional charge that was tacked on by their shipping supplier. I was not expecting it and it was over $200.00.

14' Racing/Touring Xplorer SUP

Review by: from on 6/28/2013
Great board, put it on my motorcycle and went to the lake.

14' SUP

Review by: from on 1/9/2016

My sons are really enjoying the SUP we purchased from you.

Thank you,

Lucy C.
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Reviews 1-5 of 54